Student Interns

Each student intern at the BBO produces a report summarizing the background, objectives, methods, and results of their project.

2023Tree Swallow Monitoring (25)Jinxuan Cui & Lucille Wang2,026 kb
2022Tree Swallow Monitoring (24)Tessa Frisky385 kb
2020Tree Swallow Monitoring (23)Shane Abernethy398 kb
2020Tree Swallow Monitoring (22)Jon Van Arragon383 kb
2019Tree Swallow Monitoring (21)Man Yong536 kb
2019Tree Swallow Monitoring (20)Sara Connor607 kb
2019Tree Swallow Monitoring (19)Khoi Nguyen1,017 kb
2018Tree Swallow Monitoring (18)Larissa Clayton & Maggie Chen 161 kb
2018Tree Swallow Monitoring (17)Bianca Alexandra Unrau & Krystal Gronsdahl952 kb
2017Tree Swallow Monitoring (16)Robyn Schnierer345 kb
2017Tree Swallow Monitoring (15)Brandi Charette & Serena MacKay398 kb
2017Tree Swallow Monitoring (14)Cassandra Walker401 kb
2016Tree Swallow Monitoring (13)Jordan Nakonechny, Hannah Smith and Alanna Grant685 kb
2015Tree Swallow Monitoring (12)Martijn Dieleman466 kb
2015Tree Swallow Monitoring (11)Jordan Nakonechny 607 kb
2015Tree Swallow Monitoring (10)Drew Priddle1,186 kb
2014Tree Swallow Monitoring (09)Norma-Jane Young722 kb
2014Tree Swallow Monitoring (08)Sara Friske268 kb
2014Tree Swallow Monitoring (07)Alison Hoselton170 kb
2014Tree Swallow Monitoring (06)Victoria Giacobbo452 kb
2013Tree Swallow Monitoring (05)Emily Cicon694 kb
2013Tree Swallow Monitoring (04)Norma-Jane Young1,455 kb
2013Tree Swallow Monitoring (03)Nicole Boucher577 kb
2013Tree Swallow Behaviour (02)Caroline LeCourtois478 kb
2013Tree Swallow Behaviour (01)Erin Campbell483 kb
2015The Internship ExperienceCala Jorgensen and Danielle Simard1,686 kb
2023Shorebird Survey (01)Ethan Denton843 kb
2017Owl MonitoringMarie-Ève Bédard & Brittany Whiteman449 kb
2015Myrtle Warbler ReportSteven Griffeth253 kb
2013Mountain Bluebird Monitoring (03)Alexandria Tiffinger708 kb
2013Mountain Bluebird Monitoring (02)Sian Ford313 kb
2013Mountain Bluebird Monitoring (01)Roy Tian1,564 kb
2022Marsh Monitoring Program (2)Jana Teefy699 kb
2017Marsh Monitoring Program (1) - Pilot StudyJeremy Lambe842 kb
2023House Wren Monitoring (16)Adrienne Bailey & Willow Zilliox321 kb
2022House Wren Monitoring (15)Amelia Murray & Madison Pusch 193 kb
2021House Wren Monitoring (14)Sam Bennett648 kb
2020House Wren Monitoring (13)Jon Van Arragon381 kb
2019House Wren Monitoring (12)Kelly Musgrove298 kb
2018House Wren Monitoring (11)Melissa Ghadially175 kb
2018House Wren Monitoring (10)Christine Duke528 kb
2017House Wren Monitoring (09)Zachary Antoniw & Shyla Golly435 kb
2016House Wren Monitoring (08)Megan Wisselink965 kb
2016House Wren Monitoring (07)Nikki Paskar326 kb
2015House Wren Monitoring (06)Cala Jorgensen & Danielle Simard162 kb
2014House Wren Monitoring (05)Allyn Esau535 kb
2014House Wren Monitoring (04)Michelle Zarowny356 kb
2013House Wren Monitoring (03)Sara Friske582 kb
2013House Wren Monitoring (02)Michelle Zarowny142 kb
2013House Wren Monitoring (01)Meagan Butler222 kb
2023Grassland Breeding Bird Census (08)Janine (Jasper June) Heber219 kb
2022Grassland Breeding Bird Census (07)Raegan Giesbrecht124 kb
2021Grassland Breeding Bird Census (06)Ryan Corp577 kb
2020Grassland Breeding Bird Census (05)Jon Van Arragon382 kb
2019Grassland Breeding Bird Census (04)Robert Xinzhi Lu255 kb
2018Grassland Breeding Bird Census (03)Nicholas Helliker320 kb
2017Grassland Breeding Bird Census (02)Hannah Smith212 kb
2016Grassland Breeding Bird Census (01)Cala Jorgensen981 kb
2023Forest Breeding Bird Census (09)Jon Van Arragon1,270 kb
2022Forest Breeding Bird Census (08)Jon Van Arragon397 kb
2021Forest Breeding Bird Census (07)Jana Teefy513 kb
2020Forest Breeding Bird Census (06)Shane Abernethy386 kb
2019Forest Breeding Bird Census (05)Katie Li & Sofia Guest125 kb
2018Forest Breeding Bird Census (04)Erin Wood120 kb
2017Forest Breeding Bird Census (03)Myla-Rae Baldwin287 kb
2016Forest Breeding Bird Census (02)Martijn Dieleman546 kb
2013Forest Breeding Bird Census (01)Alec Forest656 kb
2023Butterfly Monitoring (09)Laura Azzolini Correa411 kb
2022Butterfly Monitoring (08)Dylan Perrott647 kb
2019Butterfly Monitoring (07)Britni Gray977 kb
2018Butterfly Monitoring (06)Shyla Golly446 kb
2017Butterfly Monitoring (05)Maya Frederickson364 kb
2016Butterfly Monitoring (04)Kayleen Sandrowski814 kb
2015Butterfly Monitoring (03)Nikki Paskar756 kb
2014Butterfly Monitoring (02)Laura Vehring685 kb
2013Butterfly Monitoring (01)Steve Andersen1,822 kb
2015Breeding Bird Census (02)Robert MacLean348 kb
2014Breeding Bird Census (01)Zac Macdonald355 kb
2023Bat Monitoring (13) - House OccupancyMaria Mejia3,099 kb
2022Bat Monitoring (12) - Acoustic SurveysGrace Wagram304 kb
2022Bat Monitoring (11) - House OccupancyHailey M. Lewicki730 kb
2021Bat Monitoring (10) - House OccupancyCelina Waldron & Kayley Burke484 kb
2021Bat Monitoring (09) - AcousticsKayley Burke & Celina Waldron614 kb
2020Bat Monitoring (08) - House OccupancyShane Abernethy & Sara Pearce Meijerink629 kb
2019Bat Monitoring (07) - House OccupancyEmily Halajian & Jessa Gualter720 kb
2019Bat Monitoring (06) - AcousticsEmily Halajian & Jessa Gualter592 kb
2018Bat Monitoring (05) - AcousticsVeronique Caron & Jenna Hlewka891 kb
2018Bat Monitoring (04) - House OccupancyVeronique Caron & Jenna Hlewka358 kb
2017Bat Monitoring (03) - Fall AcousticsEmily Gillmore 325 kb
2017Bat Monitoring (02) - Summer AcousticsEmily Gillmore 932 kb
2017Bat Monitoring (01)Erin Low1,181 kb
2016Amphibian Monitoring (02)Jordan Lange840 kb
2014Amphibian Monitoring (01)Randy Glen202 kb