Banding Summaries

Every week during the field season, we produce an update on our activities at the banding lab so you can stay informed!

YearDateBandedRecapturedRecoveredForeignOtherTotalNet HoursAuthor(s)Size
2018September 10 - 161940002378Sara Pearce Meijerink311 kb
2017October 22 - November 1st28000028327Meghan Jacklin305 kb
2018May 29 - June 465261202105312Jeremy Lambe396 kb
2017May 28 - June 39346906154357.5Sara Pearce Meijerink311 kb
2017May 21-27142251103181264.75Meghan Jacklin670 kb
2017June 11 - 18421170666145.5Meghan Jacklin427 kb
2017June 4 - 10552990598377Sara Pearce-Meijerink226 kb
2017July 26 - August 815243203200594.75 Meghan Jacklin554 kb
2017July 20 - 2913612608162170Sara Pearce-Meijerink283 kb
2017August 27 - September 210523300131529.75 Meghan Jacklin525 kb
2017August 20 - 279126006123496.5 Sara Pearce Meijerink281 kb
2017October 15 - 21 65000065210.5Sara Pearce Meijerink373 kb
2017October 8 - 1414010015110.5Sara Pearce Meijerink338 kb
2017October 1 - 710915006130211.25Sara Pearce Meijerink359 kb
2017September 24 - 30252222014290360.75 Sara Pearce Meijerink306 kb
2017September 17 - 23384221010417284Sara Pearce Meijerink344 kb
2017August 9 - 1915040509204760.5Sara Pearce Meijerink284 kb
2019May 9-1553000256397Sara Pearce Meijerink529 kb
2017May 7-1375210078253.5Meghan Jacklin358 kb
2017May 14 - 2037724905415286Sara Pearce Meijerink220 kb
2017June 30 - July 84919140688180Sara Pearce-Meijerink273 kb
2017June 19 - 294710240586170Meghan Jacklin513 kb
2017July 9 - 1910620503134180Sara Pearce-Meijerink309 kb
2018September 24 - 30651930491287.95Emily Grose198 kb
2018September 17 - 2358076015608224.75Emily Grose311 kb
2018September 3 - 9169121115198409.5Emily Grose327 kb
2018October 8-1438200040187.5Emily Grose298 kb
2018October 1-712600624143.75Emily Grose303 kb
2018October 15-2159300062340.5Emily Grose289 kb
2018October 29 - November 621100022248Emily Grose265 kb
2018October 22 - 2853100054326.6Emily Grose285 kb
2018May 8 - 1459320266389Emily Grose446 kb
2018May 21 - 2814339011209486.25Emily Grose521 kb
2018May 15 - 2110210507124481Emily Grose462 kb
2018July 31 - August 112213911018286853.75Emily Grose665 kb
2018July 20-3015922509195559Emily Grose385 kb
2018August 26 - September 2771130293326.95Emily Grose529 kb
2018August 19 - 26233433011290546Emily Grose395 kb
2018August 12 - 1814139207189503Emily Grose378 kb
2018April 30 to May 741920355555.75Emily Grose525 kb
2017April 30 - May 617140224342.75Sara Pearce Meijerink445 kb
2019April 29 - May 83138244334.1Emily Grouse331 kb
2017April 23-292410002571.5Meghan Jacklin297 kb
2017April 16-221902002178Meghan Jacklin212 kb
2018June 5 - 93412552369.5Jeremy Lambe659 kb
2018June 21-30386366150Jeremy Lambe783 kb
2018June 10 - 206671094155Jeremy Lambe388 kb
2018July 1-10100166131165Jeremy Lambe391 kb
2018July 10-19771601110695300 kb
2017April 1-150000000Sara Pearce Meijerink1,431 kb
2017September 10 - 1628923002314308.75 Meghan Jacklin385 kb
2017September 3 - 9781800298545.5Meghan Jacklin316 kb
2016June 18-2818800027148.75Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin92 kb
2016June 11-17461900373279.50Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin1,067 kb
2016Jun 4-1079330011125368.50Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin240 kb
2016May 28 - Jun 39423002124295.75Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin122 kb
2016May 21-271327008162211.25Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin154 kb
2016May 14-2047000149243.75Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin356 kb
2016May 7-1319200123172.25Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin58 kb
2016Apr 30 - May 618400123403.00Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin430 kb
2016Apr 23-291117006126422.50Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin1,398 kb
2016Apr 16-2263400675377.00Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin66 kb
2016Apr 9-1510300014240.50Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin606 kb
2016Sept 3-915423002180507.00Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin206 kb
2016Sept 24-30 *11125003140334.75Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin655 kb
2016Sept 17-23 *441200057192.25Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin199 kb
2016Sept 10-1616117002182370.50Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin482 kb
2016Oct 1-7*211700139117.00Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin1,515 kb
2016Oct 15-211200011391.00Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin289 kb
2016Jul 9-22 *22800435110.50Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin145 kb
2016July 30 - Aug 58223008113302.25Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin787 kb
2016July 2-8662000898155.00Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin533 kb
2016Jul 23-2915225005186477.75Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin377 kb
2016Aug 27 - Sept 224321007274338.00Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin228 kb
2016Aug 6-1210733003144474.50Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin293 kb
2016Aug 20-2610220002127338.00Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin196 kb
2016Aug 13-19152270110193494.00Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin259 kb
2016Apr 1-827100030269.75Emily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin128 kb
2015May9-15.pdf239 kb
2015May30-June5.pdf370 kb
2015May23-29.pdf208 kb
2015May1-7.pdf364 kb
2015May16-22.pdf209 kb
2015June6-12.pdf280 kb
2015June27-July3.pdf148 kb
2015June20-26.pdf134 kb
2015June13-19.pdf165 kb
2015July18-24.pdf312 kb
2015July11-17.pdf44 kb
2015August8-14.pdf2,302 kb
2015August22-28.pdf35 kb
2015August15-21.pdf2,369 kb
2015 Aug 1-7150 kb
2014 Sept 16-30358 kb
2014 Sep 1-15155 kb
2014 May 31 - June 10507 kb
2014 May 16-30388 kb
2014 May 1-152,043 kb
2014 Jun 28 - Jul 8217 kb
2014 Jun 20-29329 kb
2014 Jun 10-19371 kb
2014 Jul 9-19613 kb
2014 Aug 16-31520 kb
2014 Aug 1-14 (1)109 kb
2014 Aug 1-14109 kb
2013 Sep 16-30225 kb
2013 Sep 1-15106 kb
2013 Oct 16-31242 kb
2013 May 15-30226 kb
2013 May 1-14325 kb
2013 Jun 21-25227 kb
2013 Jun 1-15291 kb
2013 Jul 25-3194 kb
2013 Jul 11-15106 kb
2013 Jul 1-10165 kb
2013 Aug 1-10115 kb
2013 Aug 11 - 31123 kb
2012Sep16-Oct 9.pdf393 kb
2012May15-31.pdf191 kb
2012May1-14.pdf330 kb
2012June30-July 5.pdf425 kb
2012June21-25.pdf225 kb
2012June1-15.pdf370 kb
2012July24-29.pdf336 kb
2012July11-17.pdf177 kb
2012August1-15.pdf250 kb
2012Aug16-31.pdf482 kb
2012 Sept 1-15268 kb
2011Sept16-30.pdf168 kb
2011Sept1-15.pdf95 kb
2011Oct1-15.pdf190 kb
2011May15-31.pdf198 kb
2011May1-14.pdf282 kb
2011June23-30.pdf239 kb
2011June1-9.pdf232 kb
2011June10-19.pdf220 kb
2011July21-31.pdf381 kb
2011July12-19.pdf283 kb
2011July1-11.pdf240 kb
2011Aug15-31.pdf359 kb
2011Aug 11-1411115006133730????, Meaghan3,303 kb
2010Sept15-Sept30.pdf187 kb
2010Oct15-31.pdf306 kb
2010Oct1-14.pdf213 kb
2010Nov1-17.pdf88 kb
2010May29-June9.pdf196 kb
2010May15-May28.pdf233 kb
2010May15-28.pdf233 kb
2010May1-14.pdf148 kb
2010June30-July9.pdf140 kb
2010June20-29.pdf164 kb
2010June10-19.pdf1,082 kb
2010July20-29.pdf552 kb
2010July10-19.pdf170 kb
2010Aug31-Sept14.pdf1,395 kb
2010Aug15-30.pdf82 kb
2010Aug1-14.pdf121 kb
2009Sept26-Oct10.pdf274 kb
2009Sept12-Sept25.pdf61 kb
2009Oct11-Oct25.pdf125 kb
2009May29-June4.pdf628 kb
2009June5-9.pdf92 kb
2009June30-July 9.pdf111 kb
2009June10-19.pdf47 kb
2009July20-29.pdf53 kb
2009July10-19.pdf204 kb
2009Aug7-13.pdf80 kb
2009Aug29-Sept11.pdf166 kb
2009Aug21-28.pdf330 kb
2009Aug14-20.pdf108 kb
2009_May_8-14.pdf189 kb
2009_May_22-28.pdf663 kb
2009_May_1-7.pdf691 kb
2009_May_15-21.pdf972 kb
2008Sept15-30.pdf532 kb
2008Sept1-15.pdf441 kb
2008Oct15-31.pdf258 kb
2008Oct1-14.pdf483 kb
2008Nov1-12.pdf137 kb
2008May25-31.pdf116 kb
2008May17-24.pdf120 kb
2008Aug24-31.pdf142 kb
2008_May_10-16_JMDR.pdf109 kb
2008_June_30-July_9.pdf143 kb
2008_june_20-29.pdf178 kb
2008_June_1-9.pdf124 kb
2008_June_10-19.pdf218 kb
2008_July_20-29.pdf126 kb
2008_July_10-19.pdf66 kb
2008_August_1-7.pdf233 kb
2007Sept29-Oct12.pdf382 kb
2007Sept15-28.pdf152 kb
2007Oct27-Nov12.pdf64 kb
2007Oct13-26.pdf52 kb
2007May8-14.pdf304 kb
2007May29-June4.pdf129 kb
2007May22-28.pdf92 kb
2007May1-7.pdf204 kb
2007May15-21.pdf121 kb
2007June5-11.pdf97 kb
2007June30-July9.pdf42 kb
2007June20-29.pdf46 kb
2007June11-20.pdf118 kb
2007July20-31.pdf102 kb
2007July10-19.pdf110 kb
2007Aug8-14.pdf101 kb
2007Aug31-Sept14.pdf146 kb
2007Aug22-30.pdf112 kb
2007Aug1-7.pdf105 kb
2007Aug15-21.pdf234 kb
2006july20-29.pdf74 kb
2006july10-19.pdf109 kb
2006_september_1-15.pdf115 kb
2006_oct16-31.pdf55 kb
2006_may22-28.pdf241 kb
2006_may_8-14.pdf36 kb
2006_may_29-June_4.pdf69 kb
2006_may_1-7.pdf48 kb
2006_may_15-21.pdf93 kb
2006_june_5-10.pdf82 kb
2006_june_21-30.pdf63 kb
2006_june_11-20.pdf33 kb
2006_july_1-10.pdf244 kb
2006_august_8-14.pdf185 kb
2006_august_22-28.pdf104 kb
2006_august_1-7.pdf178 kb
2006_august_15-21.pdf131 kb
2005sept5-sept11.pdf74 kb
2005sept26-oct2.pdf201 kb
2005sept19-sept25.pdf106 kb
2005sept12-sept18.pdf89 kb
2005oct3-oct9.pdf83 kb
2005oct10-oct16.pdf102 kb
2005May31-June9.pdf48 kb
2005May21-30.pdf35 kb
2005May1-10.pdf60 kb
2005June30-July9.pdf70 kb
2005June20-June29.pdf80 kb
2005Jun 10 - 191910232Lisa Priestley and Sara Majeski 44 kb
2005July20-July29.pdf201 kb
2005Jul 10 - 19Lisa Priestley and Sara Majeski 44 kb
2005JDbirdathon.pdf366 kb
2005Aug 8 - 14Lisa Priestley38 kb
2005Aug 29 - Sept 4Lisa Priestley52 kb
2005aug22-aug28.pdf151 kb
2005Aug 1 - 7Lisa Priestley 45 kb
2005Aug 15 - 21Lisa Priestley40 kb
2004Sept 1 - 15Matt Hanneman, Lisa Priestley 153 kb
2004Sept 16 - 30*17318003194-Matt Hanneman, Lisa Priestley233 kb
2004Oct 16 - Nov 15*000000-Lisa Priestley84 kb
2004Oct 1 - 15431200055-Lisa Priestley87 kb
2004May 22 - 319721300121-Jill and Crystal120 kb
2004May 11 - 2121523000239-Crystal and Jill137 kb
2004May 1 -1060-Crystal and Jill 43 kb
2004Jun 22 - Jul 115530023-Jill, Crystal and Tessa92 kb
2004Jun 11 - 21211100049-Crystal and Jill98 kb
2004Jun 1 - 105328120093-Jill and Crystal 121 kb
2004Jul 22 - 3117740028-Jill, Crystal and Tessa63 kb
2004Jul 2 - 1126800757-Crystal, Jill and Tessa82 kb
2004Jul 12 - 2213900124-Crystal, Jill and Tessa61 kb
2004Aug 11 - 2015622300181-Jill, Tessa and Lisa 135 kb
2004Aug 1 - 10641650085-Jill, Crystal and Tessa 85 kb
2004Aug 21 - 3113720000157-Jill and Tessa 130 kb