Interpretation & Education
Education Brochure PDF Document (332kb)

The Beaverhill Bird Observatory (BBO) continuously attempts to increase the awareness of the BBO, Beaverhill Lake Natural and the natural sciences through interpretation and education events at the lab and off site. Topics also include endangered species, and general monitoring and research with a focus on birds (though amphibian and insect research is also explained). In a given year, over 4000 people are enlightened about the BBO projects and bird science during 20 events and presentation all across Alberta. Additionally, new signage has been erected in the natural area for self-guided tours.

The Beaverhill Lake Natural Area is a unique wetland and attracts a wide range of bird species during migration. Currently, migrating birds receive the greatest amount of public attention at the BBO. Also, many people come to witness the large flocks of Snow Geese in the spring. Those that learn more about geese migration through the natural Area develop a greater understanding about the importance of the ecosystem as a whole.

Two slide shows were created to be used in presentations on the BBO, banding, and species of concern in Alberta. A slide library was also compiled to be used for other presentations and to serve as a catalogue of the BBO's programs. A live Burrowing Owl and Peregrine Falcon are used on certain occasions to show how interesting birds can be, and how banding and studying them can be critical to the survival of the species. The BBO uses a variety of other techniques to inform the public about Beaverhill Bird Observatory projects including field trips, formal slide talks, informal talks, and displays. Talks are presented throughout Alberta to parks, school classes of all ages, natural history groups, and Scout groups.

Past Events:

Snow Goose Festival - April
Saskatoon Island Swan Festival - April
Beaverhill Lake, Birds and Amphibians field trip - May
Crepe Spectacular - June
Ellis Bird Farm Bluebird Festival - July
Saskatoon Island Provincial Park, Beaverhill Bird Observatory and Owls - July
Edmonton Valley Zoo, Endangered Species and BBO - July and September
Junior Forest Rangers and Wardens, Endangered Species, Banding, and the BBO - July and August
Presentation at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park
Raptor Research Foundation Conference, Saw-whets and the North American Nocturnal Owl
Monitoring Strategies - Winnipeg